Friday, October 8, 2010

50 Random Acts of Kindness

When I was approached to write for this blog, I had not fully appreciated the magnitude of the request.  I racked my mind for days to come up with a resolution, yet somehow "I resolve to keep being awesome" seemed too  arrogant  easy.

Now I know what you're thinking:
But Pie, how do you improve on perfection?

Alas, dear friends, this is my burden.  I have no real vices (except pie, caffeine, and pie.  Seriously don't touch my pie I will fight you) and I already have a killer bod (experiences may vary). 

Then it hit me.  I should spread some of this awesomeness around.  Give back to the community.

Again, I know what you're thinking:
But Pie, it's too cold to walk around topless!

And you're right.  So I came up with the next best thing: over the coming weeks I will perform no less than 50 random acts of kindness.

RAK #1

Strolling into my local coffee shop, I decided to buy coffee for the next person behind me, whoever it should be.  Now this was a ballsy move, considering yesterday's debacle.

Thankfully, the next customer to walk in was a charming young mother with a stroller.  Or a baby thief, I never did check.  While she seemed genuinely surprised, she graciously accepted my offer to buy her coffee.

It went down like this:

Me to cashier: "I'd like to buy this nice woman's coffee please."

Young Mother: "Oh!  Well thank you.  I was going to have a tea actually."

Me: "That wasn't part of the deal."  What? I'm new at this.

YM: "Oh... well I guess I could have a coffee."  Damn straight.

And you know what guys?  It felt good.  She was genuinely appreciative, like her faith in humanity had been restored (the coffee really is that good). 

Oh!  And I got TWO stamps on my coffee card!  Score.


  1. Does it count if you totally scammed her stamp AND made her drink coffee instead of tea?