Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dear People in my Gym,

It is not acceptable to ask me questions while I'm in the middle of a set. If I am lifting weights, and not touching the machine beside me, there's a good chance I'm not using that machine. There's an even better chance of you not getting a death stare if you wait 13 seconds until I'm DONE the set to ask me if I'm using said machine.

But Skinny Guy On The Weight Floor, you take the cake. I've never, EVER, had anyone actually walk into me while I was mid-set doing cleans. MID-SET. If I hadn't been so entirely blown away by your complete disregard for my safety (I could drop the weights, you could knock me off balance and I could wrench something, ETC. ETC.) and your safety (I could drop the weights ON YOU, you could knock me off balance and I could wrench something currently attached to your body, ETC. ETC.), I would have lost my god-damned mind at you.

Furiously yours,

Still Not Over It.

P.S. Cleans are my new favourite (and least favourite) exercise.