Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apparently I'm An Indoor Cat

So running outside? Nothing like running inside.
Granted, this was only my second run outside this season, and my first attempt at the course for the triathlon. Also, I'm back on the no-carb because I'm a sadist it's the only way I seem to lose weight.
Reasons Why Running Outside Currently Sucks
1. I feel very, very slow.
2. My stride seems to go straight to hell. Shuffle run, anyone?
3. There are CARS.
4. There are PEOPLE in those cars. And they are looking at me shuffle run my big bum around.
5. I can't zone out the way I can when I'm running around an indoor track (sort of like a greyhound if a greyhound took a lot of sedatives).
6. The tri route starts 2.5km from my house. If I walk there and back, that's another hour added on to my workout.
7. I can't calculate my distances as accurately as I can inside. I like my numbers, even if they don't like me.
Reasons Why Running Outside Doesn't Suck
1. Fresh air! Sunshine!
2. I have to use different muscles since the terrain and elevation changes.
I think it's going to take some getting used to, this running outside business. I can only hope it kicks in before the race next month.


  1. haha "I like my numbers, even if they don't like me"

    Maybe you shouldn't be out in public on no carbs. There might be a stabbing spree...

  2. If you see something on the news, it WASN'T ME.

  3. Running - period - takes some getting used to. You'll get there and soon, wonder what you saw in indoor running. :) <-- that's me!

  4. Thanks, Jessica! Now if only I could run outside without feeling like every person in every car is watching me.