Monday, October 4, 2010

Revenge of the Baked Goods

It's Day One so, of course, there were chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen at work this morning. I took a deep breath and walked by (yay!).
I happily munched my second meal and went to the gym where I rowed out my HIIT program instead of running because my knee hurts and I want to be able to play in my soccer tournament on Wednesday (*gasp* runonsentence *gasp*).
I got back from the gym and the chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen had been joined by cupcakes. Seriously?!
Too bad, tasty baked goods and the intending-to-be-kind-but-really-evil souls who provided them. You won't sucker me in!
Tom and I are going to weigh in tonight (yikes!) and take our before pictures (DOUBLE YIKES!) and we decided to have  "friendly" "competition" between us to see who can lose more by body fat percentage. Anyone who knows us knows that this will most likely end in a fist fight (which I will win) (because I will cheat) (shut up, he's a 200lb, 6ft tall rugby player!).
Starting stats to come (be afraaaaaid).

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