Thursday, May 5, 2011

The One About Coffee

I loves me some coffee. Home brew, cappuccino, latte, Americano, Coffee Crisp, these are all good things. Don't even get me started on chocolate covered coffee beans or dark chocolate Toblerone which isn't technically coffee but I'm pretty sure has 18 times the caffeine (there's 24 hours wide awake I won't get back – worth it).
My options in the morning are 1) brew some tasty Vanilla Hazelnut coffee at home 2) hit up Timmies 3) Second Cup 4) Starbucks 5) Gas station coffee and as a terrible, terrible last resort, 6) the coffee at my office.
The coffee at my office is bad. I've tried brewing it different, filling it with creamer, filling it with creamer and sugar, filling it with creamer and sugar and International Delight French Vanilla and nothing helps. While I am a big fan of coffee, my willingness to hit up the Java Stop in the closest Shell station proves that I'm not a coffee snob. My favourite coffee shop is one back in Kensington Market. It's actually a breakfast-type restaurant where I used to get a proper-sized (read: big ass) to-go cup with a proper-sized (think of a baby's head) made-on-the-premises muffin and head off to work. The owner was awesome and despite never knowing my name, always had my order ready to go before I even stepped in the shop.
I haven't found anything like that here yet, although there are some great coffee shops out Jasper way. Bit rough to hit those on the way to work though.
This morning I left without brewing at home because I forgot (what? It was early) and I opted not to go to Tims despite what the voices in my head were telling me. When people talk about Tim Hortons the conversation usually goes like this:
"Tim Hortons coffee is terrible."
"Don't you go there everyday?"
"Yes. And if I miss a day I will cut you."
'Nuff said. So now I am stranded at work, coffee-less. I made myself a cup here and took one sip. Then it sat beside me, cream curdling and floating to the top. I just can't do it. This coffee makes me think there is no such thing as a loving God and if there is, he definitely drinks tea. *Lightbulb* I'm off to the tea cupboard (doesn't every office have a tea cupboard?). It's no coffee, but I'll take what I can get at this point. And that's where I find this.
I don't know what Bengal tastes like, but I know I'm not going to find out.

You're welcome.


  1. OMFG is that what it was called? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for the name! Is it still there??

  2. I think so. I was in Kensington a month ago and I recall it being alive...

    Of course, the odds of them having a website are like nil haha