Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Brain Is Mostly Mush

I have brain damage. Not in the "I don't eat lobster because it's alive when you kill it" kind of way, but in the grade three concussion with severe amnesia kind of way. I have problems with long and short-term memory. It's kind of like this:

Because I love the third panel and experience it multiple times a day. And I can't find the Zits comic where Jeremy's head turns into an Etch-A-Sketch.
For example, I have spent the last three days trying to remember to take my earrings out my car's cupholder.

Three. Days.

I would remember before I got in my car, but etch-a-sketch my brain before I got out of the car at my destination. I would also remember about 30 minutes after I got into the house or office, but I didn't want to run outside to get them because I live in a slightly brisk area aka the second coldest place on earth.
When I finally managed to bring said earrings inside, I was standing in the office kitchen putting them in when a quiet voice (QV) spoke in my head.
QV: "You should really move over the counter more in case you drop the teeny tiny ball that holds your earring in place.
E3: "That's a good idea, but I won't do it. Who has that kind of time?"
*cue earring ball falling*
To save you searching for "earring ball" in Google images (SAFE SEARCH ON!!! SAFE SEARCH ON!!!), it looks like this:

The earring I keep in my rook piercing (in my EAR).
One of those balls is about the size of a larger pinhead. Point is, it's small. And very hard to find once dropped. And I didn't just manage to drop it anywhere. I dropped it in the closed dishwasher.
Obviously my addled brain didn't care much for that earring. Anyone have a spare?


  1. hahaha that's me and the fridge.

    I will literally get hungry, go to the fridge, open it, survey the contents (forgetting I came there with a purpose) and close it again. Wait 5 minutes, then repeat.

  2. Also, there is no WAY I am moving there now!

  3. That fridge thing is the worst when you go back to your parents' place. I find myself in there when I'm not even hungry.