Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Act of Kindness #4

Today I was walking down the street, thoroughly stumped as to what my next random act would be, when suddenly it hit me.  In the form of a bus.

But Pie!  There's still so much we wanted to tell you.  We were supposed to be together.  Forever.
Fear not readers, the "hit" was metaphorical.  The bus was not.

Also, we're pregnant.

So the bus goes by and on it is an ad telling me to text "MEAL" to 45678 and it will give $10 to the Ottawa mission.  Perfect!  I did a good deed using only my cell phone!  And not just by sexting.  (Hello RAK #5)

C'mon Pie, does that really count?
Does my monthly donation to Greenpeace count?  The answer is Hell Yeah it does!  What?  You guys don't make the rules.

So here I am on my way to buy groceries and my next RAK literally (metaphorically) hits me in the face!  Evidently god is speaking to me.  Again.  (I haven't been taking my meds)

I should have my own holiday.

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  1. Does God sound like Morgan Freeman? I always thought he would.