Monday, May 30, 2011

TRI TALK: The Epic Conclusion

Well, it's over and done. And you know what? It was awesome.
We had early start times of 7:20am (Tom) and 7:25am (me – he gets a head start, no fair!). We had to be present and registered an hour before our start times (!) so we were up bright and early. We biked to the pool because a) we had to bring the bikes anyway, b) it's only 2.5km from our house, and c) there was very limited parking on site. When we left the house on our bikes, it was MAYBE 5 degrees Celsius. I was less than impressed and dreading the transition where I had to run out of the pool in only my bathing suit in 5 degree weather. That part wasn't so enjoyable.
Overall, though, it was great. The weather did warm up to be a very nice day by the time we were running, and I brought sufficient layers of clothing so that I didn't freeze completely on the bike section.
The Breakdown!
Swim time: 27:21
Bike time: 1:11:44
Run time: 54:32
Total time: 2:33:36.1
Which means…
·         I finished #217th overall (don't have a total number of participants yet though)
·         I finished #18th in my age/gender group (women 19-29)
I set an A, B, and C goal for this race.
A Goal – Beat Tom :P (definitely not going to happen)
·         I totally beat Tom in the swim (sure, he had a cracked collarbone from rugby the day before and I only beat him by 24 seconds, but I'm counting it as a win)
·         I was also only a minute slower than he was on the run, and if I had known that at the time, I think I could have pushed harder to beat him
B Goal – Finish in less than three hours
·         I finished in 2 hours 33 minutes. WIN!
C Goal – Finish
·         I sure did!
I took 2 minutes off my PB for the swim (yay!), and about five minutes off my PB for the bike. The run was kinda craptacular. I ran the first half (down the hill), but walked a lot coming back up. However, my time was pretty reasonable at only 4 minutes over my indoor PB. The race was very well organized, and it was really fun to see my name show up with a ranking (something that doesn't happen with charity races!).
Most importantly, I survived!

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