Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Run, Run, Pant, Pant

Yesterday I ran (most of) the route I'll be running for the triathlon. I didn't run all of it because of construction and time constraints. It was a pretty decent run, about 8km in total (7km actually running) and it took me about an hour (50 minutes for the run part - so Jimmy-Bob slow). I'm still getting used to running outside, so I don't mind my pace lagging a bit.
Running outside is still not my favourite for one simple reason: I know those hoots and hollers from passing cars aren't because I look so sexy running (I don't). I like to pretend they are only yelling encouraging things, but let's face it, if my imagination was that good I would have thought of Harry Potter. Maybe they are just enjoying my junk in the trunk; it has been known to bring various suitors to my "yard".
Now that you are sufficiently horrified by that image, it's time for TRI TALK!
Here's the breakdown:
1km swim (in a pool)
26km bike (not in a pool)
8km run (also not in a pool)
Here are the concerns I'm having:
1. The pool will be so filled with people that I will be constantly running into other people's feet, or having other people run into my feet .I don't feel very good about either foot situation.
2. The transition from pool to bike. The actual "getting out of the pool and onto a bike" seems simple enough. Except that I'll be wearing a bathing suit. And be wet. Neither of which are ideal conditions for biking (let alone running).
3. The bike ride isn't a big 26km loop; it's four loops up and down a goddamn hill. I haven't even done it yet – that's how mentally exhausting I find that route.
4. I'm going to have to bike and run while wet, cold, and WEARING A SWIM SUIT.
This was a terrible idea.

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  1. hahaha "if my imagination was that good, I would of thought of Harry Potter!"

    Yes, prepare to be kicked in the face while swimming. It is a rite of passage.