Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pregnancy Isn't Contagious, Right?

I'm in my mid-twenties now (almost), so I guess it shouldn't be surprising that all around me people are getting married and having babies. I have no problem with this; weddings mean wearing a pretty dress and getting drunk and eating cake celebrating with friends. The first of my childhood friends is getting married this summer and I'm incredibly happy for her. But goddamn it's going to be weird to watch her walk down the aisle. Another, more recently made friend is also getting married this summer, and it's also going to be a bit strange, but far less so to watch her exchange vows (also, insanely happy for them).
Each year my soccer team loses players as their eggos turn to preggo. And it's wonderful; the babies that result are adorable, and I genuinely enjoy being around them. We had dinner with friends of ours and met their three-month old daughter for the first time (OMG CUTE). When we go home this summer, we'll see my pretend nephew (as in, he's Tom's nephew, not that he doesn't exist), who will be nearly two years old – we haven't seen him since he was about five months old. When we go back in December, I'll hopefully get to meet my very first cousinlet/cousinlette (my cousin's first baby).
On Mother's Day, Tom and I went for our standing brunch date and the restaurant was handing out carnations to the moms. While I was paying, the manager asked if I was a mom yet – a legitimate question since she needed to know if I should get a flower or not. After saying no, she leaned in and asked "Do you plan to be a mother someday?".
Um, sheesh lady, I'm trying to do math and work out a tip, isn't it a bit early to be asking me lifestyle questions like that?! While we do see you once a week for bacon and eggs, I'm not sure my own MOTHER has asked me that!
This isn't to say that I'm feeling like everyone is getting married and procreating but me; rather, it's more like I hope we still have common ground and that our friendships don't change (too much) with these major life events. Let me put it this way. When someone tells me they are pregnant (and that person is around my age), my reaction is still "Oh! Is that a good thing?" Yes, my mouth does hurt from shoving my foot in there.

I wonder a bit if my personal timeline is that far off from what's expected of a woman my age (not that the expectations are going to influence my decisions, but really, is it so unheard of to not be taking those steps at 24?).
Guess I'll just have to brush up on my Aunt skills.

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  1. I thought I'd caught pregnancy once. Turns out it was just gas. True story.