Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wow, I Published This Without A Title - It Really Is Rambly

It's May.
(For me and Tom, not the world at large.)
I started with my first pretend brick workout yesterday. Brick workouts are where you combine two (or all three, I guess) of the events into one workout. So, for example, yesterday I rode my Tom's bike to the pool, swam my 1km, and then biked home. I intended to bike half of the cycle route, but the bikes and I, we weren't getting along. I dug mine out of my car and realized a crucial part (the little knob that HOLDS ON MY FRONT TIRE) had gone missing, so I took Tom's bike, which I realized later had no air in the tires. Oops. (I ruv roo?)
So my bike is out of commission until I can take it in. And yes, I intend to do this race with my giant not-a-road-bike because I am stupid too cheap to buy a new bike BAD ASS.
All in all, I like the idea of doing brick workouts for the same reason I like the idea of doing a tri in the first place – I get bored with one exercise. However, I somehow just realized that I will have to do the bike and run in my wet bathing suit and I'm none too pleased about that. Our first outdoor soccer practice is tonight as well, so I'm going to have to rework my workout schedule. Yay schedules!
Or not. Just got a text cancelling practice due to cold, crappy weather. Bah.

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