Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Four: Oh God, The Bacon

I am very, very sick of meat and cheese (except for old cheddar straight out of the fridge – I could never be sick of you). I find it mentally very difficult to accept a diet where I can't eat yogurt or fruit, but I can eat chicken wings with blue cheese dip. Sure, it sounds great, but really it just hurts my stomach. I have made the awesome discovery of Jello that has no sugar, no fat, and 5 calories per serving. What is in it then?! Colour me confused. But it tastes like cherry, so BACK OFF.
I can't even look at the leftover zucchini lasagna without feeling nauseated. The thought of eating my cream cheese and celery makes my stomach churn. Must continue quest to find non-cheese, non-fatty meat carb-free food. I did find chocolate that was 99% dark, with only ONE measly gram of sugar, but I'm resisting so far. If anyone knows some sort of carb-free chocolate substitute, I will love you forever and give you my celery and cream cheese. Do they make chocolate tofu?
Breakfast - Egg white omelette with cinnamon
Snack – Celery and cream cheese
Lunch – Salad with cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, and bacon (mmmm) with Jello cup
Snack – Turkey/chicken "pepperoni" sticks
Dinner – Steak and roasted acorn squash "mashed potatoes"
1.5km swim (maybe one mile, if I'm not lazy)

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