Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feelin' Fine

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. I stopped to buy gas on the way to work and bought a lottery ticket for the hell of it. I won $15 (book the cruise!). It was sunny and lovely and warm out (uh, Edmonton warm, so about 10 degrees). Work went by quickly and without major incident. And my workout was AWESOME. It was a swimming day, and although I didn't set a PB for my race length (1km) due to some goggle malfunctions, I did set a PB for my overall distance (1.7km). Sweet! I felt strong and confident in my movements in the water.
I got home and made dinner, did laundry and cleaned up. I felt great. Apparently carbs = happy, even minimal carbs!
I find it amazing the disconnect that exists between our mind and body. We seem so reluctant to associate our moods and feelings with the way we treat our bodies in terms of food and exercise (and just overall). I wonder, what is it that creates this distance? Something I've been mulling over lately.

If all one of you is interested, you can see my workouts and times on my RunKeeper profile. Add me to your StreetTeam if you are on this site! http://runkeeper.com/user/E3Writing/profile

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