Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Never-Ending Saga of My Knee

Here is the (longest ever) cliffnotes version:

·         In November 2009, I doubled up my training to get ready for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. That meant I was working out six or seven days a week, three days of which were twice a day. Yeah, I know, it's shocking that I injured myself.
·         I started to feel "off" in my knee when I was running or cycling. Because I am smart, I ignored it.
·         Then I hit actual pain. At first, just after I worked out, but eventually I got to the point where walking hurt. Standing hurt. Yoga hurt.
·         I started chiropractic treatment and massage therapy (heart) in January and while it helped a lot of things, it didn't seem to address the cause (which remained a mystery).
·         I made an appointment with a knee specialist who without examining me told me I was wasting his time and that I didn't have a knee problem. Despite having pain. In my knee. He then said although he didn't think I had anything wrong, his $900 custom orthotics might help. (*gives finger to "doctor"*)
·         At the start of May 2010, I stopped all exercise for two months, which made me a joy to live with (sorry, Tom!).
·         During those two months, I gained 15 pounds (*gives the finger to knee*)

·         My first activity back was the Ride to Conquer Cancer – two days, 220kms of cycling through southern Alberta. With no training. Don't do that. (Do it with training though!)
·         Good lord are you still reading this? I'll have to send you cookies.
·         About a month ago, I went in for physio (heart) and was recommended to try IMS (like acupuncture except they poke the muscle that is injured and not your eyebrow) to loosen the death grip my adductor had on my MCL, and to loosen my calf muscle which was "UNACCEPTABLY TIGHT FOR A RUNNER" according to Physio Dude.
·         Turns out those muscles were holding my leg together.
·         After a week of having a completely useless right leg and spending my time picking out fake legs, Physio Dude eliminated the muscle tightness as the source, and did some active release and ultrasound work on my MCL.

Dog must be included.

·         And that was awesome. I could walk! With no pain!
·         But then I ran.
·         *Sigh*
·         And it continues…at least with icing, my brace, and active release work by Physio Dude (HEART), it seems possible that I might run for more! Than! Ten! Minutes! at a time.

Luckily, I've started interval training…take that, knee!

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