Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you hear that folks? That soft, almost-footstep like sound (but muffled because if it were footsteps they would be treading on what is literally an oceans worth of snow). That's the sound of Christmas creeping closer. Do you know what comes with Christmas?

Vacation Time.

Because my boss has kids she closes the restaurant from Christmas Day til after the New Year.

Do you KNOW how AMAZING this is? For someone who sold their soul to the service industry to have 10 (TEN!) whole days off in a row? For once I don't have to look upon my corporate friends with envy as they relish in their 'paid vacation time.' and 'sick days,' and 'weekends.'

However, unfortunately, because I am a service industry slave 10 days of no work means 10 days of no tips, combined with this wallet-sucking-time-of-year equals no elaborate holiday plans for me.
But do you know what it does mean?

Sleep. A lot of it. And snowboarding. And eating more than just a piece of toast and 27 cups of coffee in a day. And not standing for 8 hours. And wearing NAIL POLISH.


I've made pretty good writing progress as well, I think it's a combination of my tenure as "Marci The Restaurant Scapegoat" coming to an end, and my bosses acknowledgment that it has been a solid 3 weeks of her not making me cry that allows me to write candidly about life without suffering from PTSD flashbacks.

All in all, December, you've been a kick ass month.

Now, if only we could do something about this whole 'winter' thing...

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