Monday, August 13, 2012

And Here I Go Again

Sheesh, you drop off the face of the blog-world for six months and Bloggers get an overhaul.

In other news, it's time for another round of "Stop eating all the cheesecake!"

I could lament about how I am here (again) and have never gotten down to my goal weight (or even within less than ten pounds) but instead I will think MOTIVATING THOUGHTS!

Starting Stats:

Weight (I haz it): 153.5
Body Fat % (bastard scale!): 28.8
Chest (I blame the sports bra): 33.5
Waist (Less if I suck it in): 33
Hips (Child-bearin'): 40.5
Right Thigh (Cause lefty and I aren't speaking): 24.5
Right Bicep ("Okay flex" "SHUT UP"): 12.5

In one month I have to try on wedding dresses. There's the motivation. That and this.


I see you, Tommy. Time to kick ass.

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