Friday, August 17, 2012

I Can't Feel My Thighs

Strange things I've noticed so far.

1. I'm craving green onions like a mo-fo. I have eaten them a lot this week, but still I want more. Bizarre.

2. Everything hurts. Oh wait, that's not strange at all after six months of sitting on my butt and drinking beer.

3. Having a gym that's a three minute drive away is awesome. I repeat. AWESOME.

4. Brushing my teeth still hurts because of some arm muscle that isn't speaking to me.

5. It's primarily my right arm.

6. Drinking a lot of water means constant trips to the bathroom. This is not really strange, except that I feel like my whole day is spent in the washroom, eating, or in the gym.

7. I can accomplish a hell of a lot in a day. Before, I felt like getting to and from work was about my limit. Now, I take the dog to daycare in the morning (YES I'M THAT PERSON), go to work, work, come home, make/eat dinner, go to the gym, shower, do another two hours of work at home, do some sort of housework (ha!), collapse into bed. Repeat.

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