Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello! I've Had WAY Too Much Coffee.

I went for a 6km run last night which was a) awesome and b) awful. Awfsome, really, as most runs are. You hear about people who are "runners" - you know the ones. The ones that clock mileage like it's going out of style, and every time you talk to them you think "damn you, you magnificent athlete!"

No? Just me? Alright then.

My run yesterday was interesting because I walked a lot (bah!) but I still managed decent splits on kms I did run completely, and overall the time wasn't as horrifying as I thought (6km in 38 minutes, if you care, I don't care, OH GOD I CARE TOO MUCH).

Most of my stopping wasn't because I was winded, so much as my knees were hurting. And not in the normal, ow, injury, way. The joints hurt. Because apparently I'm too fat to be running (obligatory chorus of "you're not fat!" from T, who automatically responds to this, even psychically) or I'm 102 years old. Either way, I creak, creak, shuffled my way to the 6km mark, and that's what's important.

Also, we're getting a puppy. I may blog about this in a separate space because I don't have enough room here for all this cute.

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