Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clawing My Way Back

I'm finding it a bit tough to get back into my training.
I went for the world's saddest run last week, which involved shuffling about in five minute rounds for maybe 30 minutes. It was pathetic. I am having some legitimate breathing issues due to my back injury from my car accident (apparently breathing is important for running, who knew?). I had an x-ray done a day after the crash (adrenaline rush, I had it) and they said all was good to go. However, I do have some thoracic compression/pain issues, and a particular disc lower down that hurts like billion (scientific term) on occasion.
But the biggest problem I'm having is motivation. And I think a big part of that is stress. Tom and I are making BIG! LIFE! DECISIONS! which are generally causing me to be very tired and eat entire packages of Oreos.
The other day, I received a package in the mail (which is in itself exciting since we're in the middle of a postal strike) from Balancing Act Clothing. I won a giveaway on I Came To Run a while back which made me all swoony and happy. And the t-shirt I won is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. It's soft and comfy and even Tom approved (odd for a t-shirt). So I went for a run in it.
And that run? Was AWESOME. (7.5km up and down a hill with a half km walk on either end to warm up/cool down – run time was about 45 minutes).
The moral of the story is that Balancing Act t-shirts make you a better runner, and you should go buy one right now.
Unfortunately, the apartment gnome  hid my bathing suit so I couldn't get my swim in yesterday. Maybe I just need a Balancing Act swimsuit…
Today is a day off because I have massage/chiro and hopefully we will be able to find a plan that can help me breathe. 'Cause I'm kind of fond of it at this point.

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