Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear January Warriors... GET THE %^&* Out of My Gym

I realize if anyone actually read this blog, that me saying this would bring ire, but to those people who join the gym for January ... Get out!

Don't get me wrong; to the people who are changing their lives, made the dedication and will stick to it, hey hats off. Those who join the gym, stick around for a couple weeks, maybe make it until February, and do this every year, get serious or get out.

There are several people I see doing this. There are the people who get on the treadmill, pump the angle up to 10, then hold on to the handles. And, of course, the people doing bench or squats with too much weight and going halfway - why bother, do it right! Errrrrrr. You're in the gym, don't worry about lifting the heavy weight just yet - do it right, and get it done.

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